Literary Awards: 2019 Contest Details

1. Enter contest and entry information, and pay with any major credit card or PayPal. Fill out the form produced by the link below. This information will include which contest you are entering, name of work, statement of eligibility, commitment to attend the awards weekend, contact information for author, and payment: Contest Entry Form.

2. Send your work to the three judges. Download the PDF below and mail a copy of your work to each of the three judges, with a brief note indicating which contest you are entering: PDF of Judges and Contest Details.

General Instructions:

1. Payment by major credit card or PayPal for contest entry can be made on the form above. A contest entry without proper payment will be discarded. You can also mail your payment by regular mail by filling out and submitting the form above, and sending your check to: Texas Institute of Letters, P.O. Box 609, Round Rock, TX 78680.

2. Submissions of works must be mailed to the appropriate committee members at the addresses listed on the PDF available above. Since each committee has three members, you will need to send a copy of the work to each person in the category for which you are entering. Include a brief note inside each copy of the book or clipped to the article explaining for which contest the work is being entered.

3. Authors or their representatives should not have any contact with judges other than to submit work to each judge.

4. A book can only be entered in one category.

5. Submissions must be postmarked no later than January 4, 2020.

6. All works entered must be published in a print format during 2019, with the exception of the Cattarulla and Shrake awards. Works for the Cattarulla and Shrake awards must be published in print OR digital format during 2019. Unpublished manuscripts will not be considered.

7. To be considered, an entry must be the first published version of the work.

8. A person or publisher may enter only one work per author per contest category for the writing contests; a person or publisher may enter only one work per designer for the book design contest. In other words, a publisher may enter different works by different authors or designers in one category but cannot submit more than one book by the same author or designer in one category.